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Delmonico’s Game Recipes: Provender from Field and Sky

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Delmonico’s Game Recipes: Provender from Field and Sky: compiled by Eugene L. Conrotto with art by Robert A. Giraudo. First published in 1971 with the title Nineteenth Century Game Cookery, this copy is from the 1994 reprint, Hypatia Books, Modesta, California. Trade paperback with glossy paper cover. Absolutely mint condition. Definitely gift quality.

Conrotto says that these recipes are from Lorenzo, John and Peter Delmonico’s recipes used in their Delmonico’s restaurants, although he doesn’t give any further attribution. “200 recipes from the 19th century for antelope, bear, blackbird, boar, doe bird, duck, grouse, hare, lark, partridge, pheasant, pigeon, plover, quail, rabbit, rail, reed bird, roebuck, snipe, thrush, venison, wild turkey, and wood cock. Additionally, 108 recipes for sauces, stocks, essences, and auxiliaries necessary to the preparation of these dishes.”

(I’m sorry that I can’t provide an image from a page of the book. The binding is very tight and I don’t want to force it.)


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