Corona Club Cook Book, 1925, San Francisco. MANY Hand Written Recipes.



Corona Club Cook Book, 1925, San Francisco:  Cookbook compiled and produce by the members of the Corona Club and printed by John Kitchen Jr., Co., San Francisco.  Originally published in 1910, this copy is from 1925.   It is in excellent vintage condition.  The cover has shelf wear.  The hinges are in solid condition.  The binding is tight.  The 230 pages have some spots and smudges, but all the recipes are clearly legible.

However, the fun thing about this cookbook is the extra recipes the original owner carefully wrote on nearly every available blank spot in the cookbook.  Recipes include cottage cheese pie, candy mints, lemon sauce, chocolate candy,  lemon sauce, crepes Suzette (two full pages,) date ice cream, pickled green tomatoes, graham pancakes, mayonnaise, green tomato mince meat, sherry dessert, mince meat pudding, chocolate ice box cake, cherry nut crushed cookies, cherry quislings, English pimilk sherbert, ce cream, lum pudding, date nut bars, frozen pudding, lemon ice box pie, cheese pie, peanut brittle moose, and many, many more.


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