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Cook Book for a Bride, 1932, Helen Theiss. Great Depression. SALE!



Cook Book for a Bride, 1932, Helen Theiss: Cook Book for a Bride, 1932, Helen Theiss, Cookbook compiled by Theiss, probably for her daughter, and copyrighted on February, 1933. 99 pages. Simple string binding. No place of publication or printer. Cardboard cover has a bit of shelf wear. Pages are all clean and clear.

This charming cookbook has lots of daughter-specific information: tips on “comfort and cooking,” “How to Reduce Weight While Eating Everything,” menus for “Reducing While Counting Calories,” “How to Make 4 meals on 2 Rib Roasts of Beef,” lists of useful things to know like how to remove red wine stains. The recipes are for appetizers and sandwiches, soups, meats and sea foods, vegetables, souffles and egg dishes, sauces, salads, salad dressings and relishes, rolls breads and mufflins, cakes and cookies, icings and fillings for cakes, cake and pudding sauces, desserts, pies, confections, preserves, pickles, and home make wines. Includes several pages of menus directly useful for the Great Depression.

The recipes are often identified with names like “Patty’s Spaghetti,” and “Jimmie’s Spaghetti,” and “Kay’s Spaghetti with Mushrooms.” You know that Patty was a first cousin, Jimmie was a brother, and Kay was a great aunt. Ther are many, many names attached to recipes in this book. Talk about a gift of love. Collecting and compiling these recipes, not to mention typesetting, took hours and hours and hours.


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