Cocktail Bar by “Charles,” 1960



Cocktail Bar:  The Cocktail Bar by “Charles,” published in 1960 by W. Foulsham & Co., Ltd., London.  Hard cover book without dust jacket.  160 pages. Mint condition. First edition, first printing.

First chapter of The Cocktail Bar is on setting up the physical bar, the tools and glassware needed.  Then, Charles provides well over 300 cocktail and drink recipes, including cocktail recipes I’ve not seen in other books, like the Yellow Rattler Cocktail, the Madder River Cocktail, the ‘Flu Cocktail, the Monkey Gland Cocktail, and many, many more.  The oddly-named chapter, “American and Other Summer Drinks” has recipes for cobblers, coolers, crustas, daisies, fixes, fizzes, highballs, juleps, rickeys, sangarees, slings, smashes, sours, cold toddies, tom collins and john collins.   Other chapters include cups and punches, non-alcoholic summer beverages, egg noggs, flips and milk punches, hot drinks, aperitifs, pousse cafes, and more.  A VERY comprehensive book.

I haven’t found out who Charles was, yet, or where he worked.  When I do, I’ll let you know.

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