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Chicago Daily News Cook Book, 1986, Excellent Vintage Condition



Daily News Cook Book, 1896: Is that a great cover, or what? Look at that face! This is a 1896 edition of the Daily News Cook Book, with menus and recipes for a year’s meals. Recipes appear as they did in the Chicago Daily News newspaper, complete with the names of the readers who contributed the recipes. Hard cover, 607 pages. The Daily News Cook Book is a menu-driven cookbook, with 365 days of menus submitted by Daily News readers, along with the recipes necessary to produce all the dishes for all three meals. Many sort of working class recipes, and many recipes for different versions of the same basic dish. For example, 12 different recipes for corn bread and 27 recipes for biscuits. Cover and spine sound. Hinges are perfect. Pages are clear, clean and whole. Cookbook was never used. Published by the Chicago Daily News Co., Copyright, 1896, by the Chicago Record Co.

Says on the title page that this cookbook is “a reprint from the Chicago Record Cook Book.” They must have been sister newspapers? One the morning paper, the other the evening paper? I haven’t had time to research that yet. We have that cookbook, as well. See it here:

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