Canal House Cooks Every Day, 2012



Canal House Cooks Every Day:  This huge, lavish cookbook by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton isn’t exactly vintage.  It was published by Andrew McNeel Publishing, Kansas City, Missouri, in 2012.  However, I was able to buy a mint condition copy at a good price, and I knew someone would want it!  People are selling this cookbook for as much as $180 on the internet!

Canal House isn’t a restaurant.  It is Hirsheimer’s and Hamilton’s loft studio in New Jersey.  The authors arrange the cookbook by seasons, using the best of locally available ingredients.  It is a comprehensive cookbook, with everything from appetizers to desserts, plus “Canal House Essentials” and “Celebration Menus.”  Very complimentary Foreward by Julia Child.  360 gorgeous pages.  Mint condition.  Stunning food photography!  Even the ribbon book marker is totally unwrinkled.  No dust jacket.

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