Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes, 1960, 1971. As-if New Condition.



Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes:  Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices, Volume I was first published in 1960.  This copy was published in 1971.  All Herter’s cookbooks were self-published.  Written by George Leonard Herter and Berthe Herter.  Published by Herter’s in Waseca, Minnesota.  This cookbook has instructions on how to track, kill, clean, and cook just about every creature on the planet. Hardcover with gold boards.  399 pages. Like new condition.

These cookbooks are some of the world’s wackiest cookbooks, in my humble opinion. Volume III has the distinction of publishing a chapter on drinks, with Herter’s interpretation of the history of the Mai Tai (complete with picture of topless woman–he must have searched high and low for those National Geographic-type pictures,) Moose Milk (with wanderings into Castro’s Cuba and Belgium beer,) a short biography of Ernest Hemingway with emphasis on his drinking habits, details and recipes for drinks called the Maria Aperitif, the Erector, and the Zubrowka, the Papa Bombay, the Flint Lock (Herter claims this was the first drink invented in North America, and more.
and Herter’s was a sporting goods company in Minnesota from 1939 until 1994.  (See a short, sweet history by writer Bill Klein, here:  They mailed out the Herter’s catalog across the world.  My own sportsman father poured over that catalog until it became dog-earred.  He kept the back issues in a special cabinet at our lake cottage in Indiana.  When I first discovered these cookbooks, I was astonished.  Mr. Herter was a crazy man!

I digress as much as Herter did.  This cookbook is in mint condition.  Gift quality.


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