Brewer Library Cook Book, 1913, Brewer, Maine



Brewer Library Cook Book, 1913, Brewer, Maine:  Brewer Library Cook Book. Revised & Enlarged in 1913. Published by L H Thompson, Printer, Brewer, Maine, in 1913.  196 pages. Scarce local cookbook with a huge amount of recipes, all of them sent in by ladies who were members of the Brewer Library, and credited to them by name at the end of each recipe. Thus, valuable local history. Very small number of these were printed!

Cookbook is has a hard cover with pasted on decorative illustration of the library’s reading room and green oil cloth spine cover.  Guarantee that this is a first printing copy?  Errata sheet included in the back of the book.  For example, a line was omitted from Lillian E. Rattray’s Potato Salad.  It should read “3 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of salt,” not 3 tablespoons of salt.”

This cookbook is in excellent antique condition.  The spine cover has been reinforced with clear, matte-finished librarian’s tape.  The Errata sheet at the back is partially loose.  The cover has a lot of shelf wear.  But the binding is very tight.  The pages, with the exception of the first pudding page, are all clean and clear.


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