Booth’s Handbook of Cocktails Mixed Drinks, 1966, First Edition, First Printing



Booth’s Handbook of Cocktails Mixed Drinks: First edition of Booth’s Handbook, written by John Doxat. A Pan Original paperback book, published by Pan Books, LTD, London. Copyrighted by Booth’s Distilleries, Ltd., London, in 1966. Booth’s Handbook is basically a re-do of the 1930s An Anthology of Cocktails, privately printed by Booth’s Distilleries. I’ve yet to find a copy of the Anthology–I wish I could!–but I am assuming Booth’s Handbook contains the best of it. This is the first really erudite cocktail or bar book I’ve found, with a really readable and authoritative discussion of the history of the cocktail and a bibliography, both essential if you are a cocktail or bar book collector.

Booth’s Handbook was only published in paperback. This first-edition, first printing copy, with 191 pages, has a sound, intact binding–very difficult to find in a mass produced, inexpensive paperback. (That’s why I am not showing you scans of the inside of the book. I don’t want to harm the binding.)   All of the pages are uniformly tanned.  All are basically clean and clear.  Cover has very minor shelf wear.  Excellent vintage condition.  Nearly mint, actually.

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