Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library, 1971, Pristine Condition!



Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library, 1971, Pristine Condition!  Hundreds of classic recipes on sturdy cardboard cards. Complete set includes the Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library Index, a thick pack of blank cards still wrapped in clear plastic,  plus two heavy cardboard recipe stands.  The recipe categories include Seasonal Favorites, American Classics, Budget Casseroles, Salads for Every Occasion, Men’s Favorites, Children’s Parties, Come for Coffee, Entertaining on a Shoestring, Dessert Spectaculars, International Favorites, Recipes for Calorie Counters, Gifts from Your Kitchen, Snacks Around the Clock, Favorite Family Desserts, Fondues, Crowd-Size Entertaining,Convenient Oven Meals, Outdoor Entertaining, Hurry Up Main Dishes, Impromptu Party Fare, Family Breakfast Brighteners, Gala Menus from the Betty Crocker Dining Room, Foods that Go Places, and Recipes Children Can Make.

All in an off white heavy plastic box with hinged lid.  Box has some slight shelf wear.  Everything else is in as-if-new condition.


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