Bartender’s Guide . . . by Trader Vic, 1947, 1948



Bartender’s Guide . . .  by Trader Vic:  Bartender’s Guide was first published in 1947 by Doubleday and Company.  We found a 1948 reprint edition published in 1948 as a Garden City Books reprint edition.  Hard back with dust jacket copy of the Bartender’s Guide by Trader Vic!  Subtitled, “A Manual Including over 1500 Recipes for the Home and Professional Bartender.”  1500 cocktail recipes.  437 pages.   Illustrated by Ray Sullivan.   Sage advice from Trader Vic. This copy is in good vintage condition.   It has its original shelf-worn dust jacket, with many little dings especially at the edges and corners.  There’s a 3/4″ tear at the top front of the jacket and  a 2 1/2″ tear at the top back corner.  Jacket is now safely encased in Mylar.  The book itself is in perfect condition.  The cover is completely pristine.  Hinges are perfect.  Pages are clear.  Binding is firm.  In fact, the firm binding is why these images are so weird.   I couldn’t get the book open enough to get good images, and I certainly didn’t want to start breaking in the binding.  I’ll leave that for you!

This book is illustrated  by Ray Sullivan, who did the funny (?) cartoons at the top of each chapter.  Trader Vic’s prose is extremely entertaining and his advice is quite matter-of-fact.  Chapter One is titled, “Phonies, Check-Dodgers, or the Perils of Bartending.”

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