All In Vue: 84 Drinks for You



All In Vue: 84 Drinks for You:  Very rare bar booklet with the subtitle: A Recipe Book with a Great Deal of Other Valuable Information.  Says, “Copr. Ben Klein, L. I. City, N.Y.”  (I’m assuming36 pages, intricately arranged, with pages becoming narrower close to the center, so that you can see the index printed along the sides of each page.  Thumb cut-outs at the bottom of each page.  All the traditional cocktail recipes are here.  Antique condition.

Don’t forget to click on “Recipes” at the top of the homepage. You’ll find one great recipe from many of the great antique and vintage cookbooks, AND from the great vintage cocktail books or mixing guides, not to mention from the great vintage aphrodisiac cookbooks.

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