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A Few Choice Recipes from Soothsayer Flour in Pristine Condition!

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A Few Choice Recipes from Soothsayer Flour:  Sometimes it is frustrating to find a really rare piece of cooking ephemera.  If the pamphlet or booklet doesn’t contain its own history, it is difficult to discover that history.  This booklet is certainly in that category.  It is an eight-page booklet tied with cotton string.  Title is “A Few Choice Recipes: Always Use Soothsayer Flour.”  The picture on the flour bag is–not surprisingly–of a fortune teller or soothsayer.  Under her picture it says, “Highest  Patent Flour / The Willis Norton Co., Topeka, Kansas.”  Inside the booklet are cake and biscuit recipes, plus a center two-page spread with the logo again, saying “Soothsayer Flour / A Leader Since 1879.”  On the back is another logo, with “Soothsayer Flour Bakes Everything Right.”

I don’t want to take additional images of this booklet because I don’t want to damage it in any way.  It is in absolutely mint condition.  As-if-new!  Definitely gift quality!


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