1973 Good Housekeeping Cookbook, Cook’s Copy



1973 Good Housekeeping Cookbook: Perhaps the MOST popular American cookbook, the 1973 Good Housekeeping Cookbook, edited by Zoe Coulson. Hard cover without dust jacket, 811 pp. Published by Good Housekeeping.  I’m calling this a cook’s copy because the cover has taken a beating.  The spine cover is held on with clear librarian’s tape, the cover back has been badly scuffed, and the back hinge has been mended with more clear librarian’s tape.  However, the pages are completely clean and clear.  The binding is tight.  An extremely useable cookbook.

Many people think THIS is the greatest American cookbook, the 1973 edition of the Good Housekeeping Cookbook, edited by Zoe Carlson. There’s a great “how to” opening chapter, perfect for the novice cook, sections devoted to specific foods (with separate chapters on “Desserts,” “Cakes and Frostings,” “Cookies, “Ice Creams and Sherbets,” and “Candy”–Ms. Carlson had her priorities in order!) Plus sections on calorie counting (comes after all those sweets chapters,) storage, cooking outdoors or for a crowd, etc. 811 pages. Hard cover with dust jacket. First edition. Fine condition. Dust jacket has issues. The cookbook is spotless. Definitely gift quality.

At we try to provide you with your mother’s cookbook! I know lots of current recipe bloggers write proudly that their recipes are “not from your mother’s cookbook.” We think the recipes in your mother’s cookbook provided food that was nutritious and warm and colorful and just plain yummy! We know that just looking at the cover of your mother’s Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book makes you feel good. Holding her Betty Crocker Cookbook, or her Better Homes and Gardens, or Good Housekeeping Cookbook in your hands is better than nostalgic. And cooking some of those dishes for your children will pass on a great tradition.


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