1949 Good Housekeeping Cook Book. Not Just a Cook’s Copy. This One is a Mess!



1949 Good Housekeeping Cook Book: The Good Housekeeping Cook Book, edited by Dorothy B. Marsh. 1949 printing. Published by Rhinehart & Company, Inc. Hard cover without dust jacket. 1014 pages. This copy is good only for the recipes. NOT the cookbook in the image. This cookbook is a mess. Its original owner really USED this cookbook. The cover has lots of shelf wear and stains. The hinges are totally exposed. The spine cover is completely missing. Amazingly, the binding is solid and the text block is intact. For the most part, the pages are all clean and clear, but several do have stains. If you want the recipes, however, they are all here! And at a good price.

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  1. Christine Belletti

    My mother had one that she left for me. I lost the copy when we move back up north from Florida. I used it for baking, meat cuts, and all. Loved the book and miss it a lot. Reminds
    me of my Mom remembering her using it to cook.

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