Vintage Specialty Cookbooks, including Vintage Diet or Weight Loss Cookbooks

Vintage Specialty Cookbooks: Vintage Cookbook’s out-of-print, rare, antique, antiquarian and vintage specialty cookbooks that feature one food, one meal, one topic, or one cook, such as entertaining, menus, dinners, husbands, potlucks. Includes historic specialty cookbooks to add to your vintage cookbook collection! And we stash the aphrodisiac cookbooks here!
We’re also adding entertaining diet or weight loss cookbooks here, beginning with Dine Your Way to Permanent Slimness or How to be a Svelte Gourmet, 1973.

Vintage specialty cookbooks currently on the website include: Gay Nineties Cook Book, 1945; Bicycle Touring Cookbook, 1991; Our Candy Recipes and Other Confections, 1941; Futurist Cook Book, 1932, 1989; Selected High Altitude Recipes: Tested in the Solitaire Kitchen, 1937, 1947; Famous Sportmen’s Recipes, 1940; Healthy Peasant Gourmet, 1983;  Seducer’s Cookbook, 1963; Omelete Book,  Illustrated by Hilary Knight, 1956, 1979;  Unusual Soups: Hot & Cold Soups for All Occasions, 1981; Wildlife Recipes: A Unique Collection, George S. Bachay, 1977; Boston Globe’s Casserole Cook Book; Sunset’s Barbecue Book, 1938; New Cookbook for Poor Poets and Others, 1979; What to Cook for Company, 1952; Sunset Barbecue Cook Book, 1962;  Gottlieb’s Bakery 100 Years of Recipes, 1983; Three-Star Cuisine: A Nobleman in the Kitchen; Patio Cook Book, 1951; Chestnut Cookbook, 2000;  Best of Bridge: Royal Treats for Entertaining; More Thoughts for Food: A Menu Aid, 1943; California Yacht Cookery, 1970, Stated First Edition; Eat It! Munchies, Recipe Card Cookbook by Dana “Ma” Crumb;  In the Beginning: A Collection of Hors d’Oeuvres; Fiftieth Anniversary Cookbook, Pilot International, 1971; Thoughts for Buffets, 1958, Mint Condition;  Formal Dinners by Julia Papin Gooding, 1940; International Dictionary of Food; Cooking Chafing Dish Cookbook; Inter Courses: Aphrodisiac Cookbook; Aphrodisiac Cookery, 1970; Naked Chef: Aphrodisiac Cook Book; Cookbook for Lovers, 1970;  Runamuck Recipes, Reminiscences and Ramblin’s;   Canned Food Reference Manual, American Can Company, 1939;  Fun & Creative Cakes; Congressional Club Cook Book, 1970;   Cooking with Casseroles from Sunset, 1958; Rachel Carson, Fish and Shellfish of the Middle Atlantic Coast, 1945; Splendid Soups, James Peterson, 1993; More Thoughts for Food: A Menu Aid, 1943; Entertaining on the Run: Easy Menus for Faster Lives, Sorosky, 1994; Let’s Get Well: Practical Guide to Renewed Health through Nutrition, Adelle Davis;  Spice Islands Cook Book; Von Welanetz Guide to Ethnic Ingredients, 1982;  Taste of Astrology: Cookbook with 240 Heavenly Recipes; MOBAY All-American Cookbook; Brigade, Seats! Naval Academy Cookbook; Spice Cookbook; Mary Hunt’s Salad Bowl, 1939; Ultimate Mousse Cookbook; Wine Cook Book by The Browns.