Vintage Regional and Ethnic Cookbooks, including Junior League Cookbooks

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Vintage Regional and Ethnic Cookbooks: Vintage Cookbook’s out-of-print, vintage, rare, antique, and used cookbooks featuring regional recipes and and out-of-print, rare, and used vintage cookbooks featuring ethnic recipes. Historic vintage cookbooks from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Regional and ethnic cookbooks currently on the website include: Cross Creek Cookery, First Edition, First Printing, 1942; Audubon Plantation Country Cookbook, 1988, 2004; Historical Cookbook of the American Negro, 1958, 2000; Junior Cookbook Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1981; River Road Recipes, 1959; Mama Mia Italian Cookbook: The Home Book of Italian Cooking, 1955; (Let’s Eat!): A Collection of Family Recipes, 1970; Southern Cooking, Mrs. S. R. Dull, 1928, 1941, 1968; International Cook Book, Filippini, 1906, 1911; Gitty’s Exotic Cooker, 1978; America’s Cook Book, New York Herald Tribune, 1938, 1945 Revised Edition with Wartime Supplement; Best of South Louisiana Cooking, 1983; Plantation Cookery of Old Louisiana, 1938; Sook’s Cook Book: Memories and Traditional Receipts from Deep South, 1989; James Beard’s American Cookery, 1072; Gourmet Bahamian Cooking, 1979; Down the Bayou, 1984; Colonel’s Inn Caterers, 1984; Twentieth Century Cook Book, 1914; Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery, 1954; Famous Recipes from Old Virginia, 1941; Best of Taste: Finest Food of Fifteen Nations, SACLANT-NATO, 1957; Cuisine of Armenia, 1974; Charleston Receipts, 1950; Jewish Holiday Cook Book, 1955; Key West Cook Book, 1949; Cooking in the Hole, 1979; Mangiamo (Let’s Eat!), 1970; Swedish Food: 200 Selected Dishes of Good Swedish Food, Smorgasbord, Traditional Party and Everyday Menus, 1947; English Provincial Cooking, 1980; Wonderful World of Cooking, 1956; Taste of Jackson Hole, 1991; River Road Recipes; Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen, 1984; Jackson Hole a la Carte, 1968; Sunset All-Western Cook Book, 1936; Famous Recipes from Old Virginia, 1941; Jerk Barbecue From Jamaica, 1990; Colonial Virginia’s Cooking Dynasty; Buffet on the Bayou, 1993, 1998; Westport Heritage Cookbook, 1978; Kudeti Book of Yoruba Cookery, 1934,1987; New England Butt’ry Shelf Cookbook, 1968; Treasured Polish Recipes, 1948; Mary Cullen’s Cottage, circa 1930s; North Carolina and Old Salem Cookery, 1955; Chicago Daily News Cook Book, 1986; Skaneateles Cook Book, 1915, 1924; Rural Cook Book, Rural New-Yorker, 1907; Ho’ ono: Gathering of Recipes from the Hyatt Family, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, 1997; Family Recipes: Secrets of Maude Landry’s Kitchen; Sunny South and Golden West Cook Book, 1932; Cajun Cooking, 1987; Look What’s Cooking In and Near San Francisco, 1950; National Cowboy Hall of Fame Chuck Wagon Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Ranch and the Range, 1995, First Edition, First Printing; Acadiana: French and American Cuisine Seasoned with His Love, 1977, First Printing, As-If-New; Bounty of the Earth Cookbook, Sylvia G. Bashline, 1979, Signed by Author; Southern Cooking, 1928; Pacific Coast Seafood Chef, 1953; Out of Vermont Kitchens, 1939; Country Kitchen, Della T. Lutes, 1936; Key to Chinese Cooking, Irene Kuo, 1977; Greek Flavor, 1979, Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens, 1971; Sunset All-Western Cook Book, 1947, 1949; Clarita’s Cocina, Clarita Garcia of the World-Famous Las Novedades, 1970; American Regional Cookery, 1946; Jolie Gabor’s Family Cookbook; Country Kitchen Cook Book; Talk About Good! Le Livre de la Cuisine de Lafayette, 1968; Tasha Tudor’s New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac, 1970; Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices; French-Kosher Cookbook; New Orleans Recipes; The Gasparilla Cookbook; The Art of Jewish Cooking; Jewish Cookery, 1949, 1969; and more!