Vintage Chefs', Celebrities' and Food Writers' Cookbooks

Vintage Chefs’, Celebrities’ and Food Writers’ Cookbooks: Vintage Cookbook’s antique, antiquarian, vintage and rare out-of-print cookbooks written by chefs, food writers, or and famous personalities, including many signed first editions. Cookbooks from chefs of the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Historic chefs and historic cookbooks.

Vintage Chefs’, Celebrities’ and Food Writers’ Cookbooks currently on the website include: Gitty’s Exotic Cooker, 1978; Cook’s Tour of San Francisco, 1963; Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook, 1961; Fireside Cook Book, 1949; Helen Corbitt’s Greenhouse Cookbook, 1979;  Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen, 1984; Rector Cook Book: Compliments of Milwaukee Road, 1928; Presidents’ Cookbook, 1968; How to Feed a Starving Artist Cookbook, 1983; Free Hand Cooking, Foot Hills Art Center, 1970; Helen Corbitt’s Cookbook, 1957;  A La Rector, George Rector, 1933; With a Jug of Wine, 1949; Chef’s Holiday, 1952; Sook’s Cook Book: Memories and Traditional Receipts from Deep South,1989; Mary Cullen’s Cottage, circa 1930s;  Willy Lou’s House Book, 1913;   Ho’ ono: Gathering of Recipes from the Hyatt Family, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, 1997; Merry Mixer Cook Book: Successful Methods and Recipes for Beginners, 1937;  Trader Vic’s Helluva Man’s Cookbook, 1976; Cross Creek Cookery, First Edition, First Printing, 1942;   James Beard’s American Cookery, First Edition, 1972;   Aromas and Flavours of Past and Present: A Book of Exquisite Cooking, by Alice B. Toklas, 1958, first British edition;  White Elephant Celebrity Cookbook, 1973, 1979; James Beard’s Theory & Practice of Good Cooking, 1977, First Edition; Monet’s Table Cooking Journals of Claude Monet Monet’s Table: Cooking Journals of Claude Monet, 1989; Tasha Tudor’s Cookbook, 1993; With Bold Knife and Fork, 1968; Alice B. Toklas Cook Book, 1954;   In Pursuit of Flavor by Edna Lewis, 1988; More Recipes With a Jug of Wine, 1956; With Bold Knife and Fork, 1968; Boniface, Goodman Kelleher, A Cook’s Story of His Own Broth, 1945; Dining in New York with Rector, 1939; Julia Child’s The Way to Cook, 1989; Bakery Restaurant Cookbook; French Chef’s Cookbook; With bold Knife and Fork, 1968;  Antoinette Pope School Cook Book; Lord Peter Wimsey Cookbook;  Pearl’s Kitchen by Pearl Bailey; the New James Beard; Queen Mary Cook Book; Making of a Cook, Madeleine Kamman, 1971; Chef’s Secret Cook Book; James Beard’s New Fish Cookery, 1976; Frances Parkinson Keyes Cook Book; The French Chef Cookbook, Julia Child; Here Let Us Feast, M.F.K. Fisher, 1946; James Beard’s Menus for Entertaining; Julia Child & More Company, 1979; A la Rector; Nela’s Cookbook, Nela Rubinstein, 1983; Encore: Favorite Dishes of World’s Most Famous Musicians, 1958;  Firefighter’s Cookbook; Cookbook for Booksellers; Julia Child & Company, 1978;  Eating Together: Recollections & Recipes, Lillian Hellman; Food From America’s Bravest–Signed and Numbered First Printing; Cordiall Water, M.F.K. Fisher, 1961, 1963; Barbecue with Beard, 1975; All Manner of Food, Michael Field, 1970, First Edition, First Printing; Bull Cook Authentic Historical Recipes Practices; Chef’s New Secret Cookbook, Louis Szathmary, 1975; Jolie Gabor’s Family Cookbook; Art of Eating, M. F .K. Fisher, 1954; Antoinette Pope School Cookbook, Revised, 1954; Simple French Cooking for English Homes, 1923; and many more.