Miner 49er Cookbook
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Pickled Egg Recipe from Miner 49er Cookbook, 1970

Pickled Egg Recipe from Miner 49er Cookbook, 1970: One great recipe from a fun novelty cookbook, the Miner 49er Cookbook.

Pickled Eggs Recipe from Miner 49er Cookbook

Pickled Eggs Recipe from Miner 49er Cookbook

Of course we have the cookbook. See it here: Miner 49er Cookbook

Miner 49er Cookbook, Robert Stahl, First Edition with Gold Region of California Map, 1970: Fun and funny cookbook by Robert Stahl, a local California man who did a lot of solid research for this cookbook. Book has a wooden cover and the binding is a rawhide strip. 110 pages. Self-published, the cookbook was printed by Holland Printing, Modesto, California. It was offered for sale at the Columbia Candy Kitchen, Columbia, California. This cookbook is in mint condition. Definitely gift quality.

The brown paper pages are printed on both sides, with recipes plus funny quotations, details like times and charges for passage from San Francisco to Panama in 1850. Want to know how to make tallow candles? How to destroy insects and vermin? Use acorns? Pickle eggs? Set up camp? Make lye? Harvest a forest? There’s information about the restaurateurs and hoteliers of the time. In a pocket at the back of the book, there’s a parchment map of the Gold Region of California. (See images.) Then, of course, there are the recipes. Authentic recipes for soups and stews, breads, “ribstickers” (starches,) sauces, meats, fowl, vegetables, desserts.