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Pea Patties from Mrs. Rorer’s New Cook Book, 1902

Pea Patties from Mrs. Rorer’s New Cook Book, 1902:

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Mrs. Rorer’s New Cook Book, 1902


Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here:

Mrs. Rorer’s New Cook Book: A Manual of Housekeeping by Sarah Tyson Rorer, principal of the Philadelphia Cooking School. Published by Arnold and Company, Philadelphia, 1902. Hard cover. 731 pages, plus advertisements at the back. First edition, presumed first printing. This book is in excellent antique condition. Pages are clean and clear, binding is tight, cover is sound. The hinges are perfect!  Cover has some shelf wear, especially on the corners and the edges. (Marked down from $84.00.)

This is a huge, comprehensive cookbook that has some of those charming chapters that make antique cookbooks so much fun to read. Some of those chapters are about food, like “Odd Dishes of Fish,” but most are about running the household, like “Table Waiting, or How to Train the Waitress,” “A Plea for the Little Dinner,” and (Gasp!) “Serving Dinner without a Maid.”  Rorer was the founder of Philadelphia Cooking School.  You can see an excellent short biography at the Pennsylvania Center for the Book, here:

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