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Mrs Lincoln's Boston Cook Book, 1884, 1891
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Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book, 1883, 1884

Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book, 1883:  Mrs. Lincoln’s copyright for her cookbook was issued in 1883.  The cookbook was actually published in 1884.  Of course, the book was used as the text for the famous Boston Cooking School, founded in 1879 by the Woman’s Educational Association of Boston.   Mrs. Lincoln, or Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln (Mrs. David A.) was invited to teach at the school in November, 1879; she later became the school’s first principal.  Following its successful start, the school was incorporated in 1883 as the Boston Cooking School Corporation.  Famous cookbook authors Maria Parloa and Fannie Merritt Farmer were also affiliated with the Boston Cooking School.  Farmer’s Boston Cooking-School Cook Book has been continuously in print, in several formats, since its first edition in 1896.

Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book has the great subtitle, “What To Do and What Not To Do In Cooking.”  Here’s one great recipe:  Orange Baskets.

We’ve started posting one great recipe from the most notable cookbooks in our huge inventory of antique, vintage, and rare cookbooks, along with some historical background, to give you some flavor (bad pun) from the cookbooks.  Just for fun and our mutual education!