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Mixed Jellies–New Method from Home Queen Cook Book, 1901

Mixed Jellies–New Method from Home Queen Cook Book, 1901: One recipe from the cookbook of the Chicago World’s Fair or the World’s Colombian Exposition, the Home Queen Cook Book.

Mixed Jellies--New Method from Home Queen Cook Book

Mixed Jellies–New Method from Home Queen Cook Book

Of course we have the cookbook. See it here:

Home Queen Cook Book, 1901, Souvenir Cook Book from World’s Columbian Exposition or Chicago World’s Fair: Hard cover boards with white and black oil cloth. Huge cookbook 608 pages. Cookbook is in excellent antique condition. Pages are all uniformly tanned, but they are all clean and clear, and the paper is still supple. Cover has wear along the spine cover. Hinges are exposed but holding.

Home Queen Cook Book’s subtitle is Two Thousand Valuable Recipes on Cookery and Household Economy, Table Etiquette, Toilet, Etc. Contributed by Over Two Hundred World’s Fair Lady Managers, Wives of Governors, and Other Ladies of Position and Influence. Published by M.A. Donahue & Co., Chicago. The “Introductory” essay says that “the plan has been to secure a few choice and well-tried recipes from each of hundreds of individuals scattered throughout every State and Territory in the Union.” “Over two hundred [ladies] have responded, among whom are the wives of the Governors and Lieutenant-Governors of many of the States, wives of Senators, Congressmen, and many other ladies equally well qualified to contribute to our book.”

One of the most charming things about this cookbook is the use of contributing ladies’ signatures with their recipes. I imagine this cookbook might be a treasure trove for a genealogist!

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