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Sherry Sangaree from from Jayne’s Bartender’s Guide, 1934

Sherry Sangaree from Jayne’s Bartender’s Guide, 1934: Sorry this isn’t a better scan. I didn’t want to harm the binding.

Yes, we have the bartender’s guide. See it here: Jayne’s Bartender’s Guide, 1934

Jayne’s Bartender’s Guide: A Practical Handbook for Professionals and Amateurs, 1934: First edition, first printing copy of a small, paper covered bartender’s book published by Dr. D. Jayne and Sons, Inc., Philadelphia, PA. (Advertising in the back of the book tells us that Dr. Jayne manufactured a variety of over-the-counter “medicines.”) 152 pages plus seven pages of ads at the back and a short, one-page essay entitled “Lest We Forget” about the dangers of Prohibition. Pages are yellowed. Front few pages have insect damage at the lower right corner. Binding is holding. Pages are clean and clear. Every page has a toast at the bottom, a quotation from someone like Mark Twain. Some of them reflect the times, like “Here’s to woman; if she cannot be captain of a ship, may she always command a smack.” Also has several illustrations of black folks as natives in the jungle boiling white men in large pots. Extremely rare.

With an anonymous author and published by Dr D Jayne and Son in Philadelphia circa 1934, Jayne’s Bartender’s Guide was one of many books published right after the repeal of Prohibition in the USA that hoped to revive the recipes and the culture of cocktail drinking after a nearly 15-year hiatus. In addition to recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks, there are also formulae for making some long-lost ingredients such as Stoughton’s Bitter, Angostura Bitters, Orange Bitters, Usquebaugh Cordial, and loads of other curiosities. Recipes” include the Charlie Chaplin Cocktail, the Pousse Cafe American, the Klondyke Cocktail.

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