Miss Parloa's New Cook Book
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Miss Parloa’s Gateau Saint Honore, 1881

Miss Parloa’s Gateau Saint Honore: Here’s one great recipe from Miss Parloa’s New Cook Book, 1881, a simply breathtaking cake recipe!

Miss Parloa's Gateau Saint Honore

Miss Parloa’s Gateau Saint Honore

I always know I’ll never try a recipe that’s more than one page long, but you might!

Yes, we have this cookbook. You can see it here:

Miss Parloa’s New Cook Book, 1881: Miss Parloa’s New Cook Book, A Guide to Marketing and Cooking: Definitely an antique cookbook! One of the most sought after and one of the most difficult to find. Written by Maria Parloa and published by Estes and Lauriat in 1881. First edition, first printing. Copyright is 1880. A rare colored illustration at the front, still with its protective tissue paper. Line drawings of kitchen tools and implements. Bills of Fare for families and large parties. This cookbook is one of the most interesting because of the marketing guide. Steak for fifteen or sixteen cents a pound! This first edition, first printing copy is in good antique condition. Hard, linen covered boards with a beautifully embossed front, with orange and very dark green on green. 430 pages. Shelf wear. Binding is weak, but holding. All pages are clean and clear. When I purchased this cookbook, tucked inside was a copy of A.D. & C. Co. Receipt Book Number one, from the Auburn Drug and Chemical Company, Auburn, Maine. It was printed in 1889. I’ll send it along.