Lentil Soup Recipe from Ciro & Sal's Cookbook, 1987
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Lentil Soup Recipe from Ciro & Sal’s Cookbook, 1987

Lentil Soup Recipe from Ciro & Sal’s Cookbook, 1987: One great recipe from famous Provincetown, R.I., restaurant.

Lentil Soup from Ciro & Sal's Cookbook

Lentil Soup from Ciro & Sal’s Cookbook

Of course we have the cookbook. See it here: Ciro

Ciro & Sal’s Cookbook, Ciro Cozzi with Alethea Cozzi, 1987, First Edition, First Printing: Subtitled Recipes, Tips and Lore from the Acclaimed Chef of Provincetown’s Famous Italian Restaurant, Ciro & Sal’s. Written by Ciro Cozzi with his daughter Alethea Cozzi. Published by Donald I. Fine, Inc., New York, in 1987. Stated first edition, first printing. Hard cover with dust jacket. 244 pages. Book is in as-if-new condition, as is the dust jacket. Pages completely clean and clear. Dust jacket in perfect condition. Hinges and binding in mint condition. This book is new.

The first four chapters of this book are the history of the Provincetown, Rhode Island, where Ciro Cozzi and Sal DelDeo–both aspiring artists–started a restaurant because Cozzi had an empty basement in his house. Neither of them had ever cooked in a restaurant. Ciro & Sal’s was a smashing success. The book has photographs of former staff members, as well as old menus. The remainder of the book is over 200 Italian recipes, all quite easy to follow. Little anecdotes and bits of Provincetown history are interspersed with the recipes. There’s an excellent glossary of ingredients and cooking techniques, plus long lists of the artists, writers, musicians and other influential personalities who have passed through the restaurant’s doors, from the cinema and theater, painters and sculptors, musicians, and writers and poets.