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Lentil Soup Recipes from Greek Flavor, 1979

Lentil Soup Recipes from Greek Flavor, 1979: I love cookbooks that give more than one recipes for important or favorite dishes. This cookbook gives many. For example, here are two separate recipes for lentil soup.

Lentil Soup Recipes from Greek Flavor

Lentil Soup Recipes from Greek Flavor

Of course we have the cookbook. See it here:

Greek Flavor, 1979, Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society: Cookbook produced by the Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society, Evangelissmos tis Theotokou, of the Greek Orthodox Church Kimisssis Theotokou in Racine, Wisconsin. This copy is a stated first printing, in 1979. Cardboard cover with plastic comb binding. 220 pages. Near-mint condition.
This seems to me to be one of the most authentic Greek cookbooks we’ve had here at All of the recipes have their Greek names, along with the English names, of course. There’s a chapter on “Church Food,” complete with diagrams, an entire chapter on Pittes, and an index with Lenten recipes specially marked.
This is also one of those great cookbooks that include several versions of special dishes. For example, there are four separate spanakopita recipes, several for dolmathes, several for roast chicken, and so on.
Unfortunately, this seems to be the only copy of Greek Flavor on the internet. So, I have to price it accordingly.