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Karen Blixen’s Danish Meatballs from Museum Mixtures, Kenya Museum Society

One great recipe from a very unusual–and quite rare–cookbook from the Kenya Museum Society in 1989, Karen Blixen’s Danish Meatballs.

Karen Blixen's Danish Meat Balls

Karen Blixen’s Danish Meat Balls

Of course we have the cookbook. See it here:

Museum Mixtures: Cook Book with a Different Flavour: This is an exceedingly rare cookbook from the Kenya Museum Society’s Cook-book Committee, Nairobi, Kenya. Compiled and composed by the Kenya Museum Cook-book Committee, Jane Bwye, Co-ordinator. Published by the museum in 1989. Forward by Richard Leakey. One of the delights of this cookbook is some columns from the “Coast Causerie” newspaper column by Edward Rodwell. The columns are, “Diet for a Baby Bush Pig” and “Orphan Elephant Formula.” Other recipes range from the traditional British to the exotically Kenyan and wildly international. There’s a menu (with recipes) from Goa, on the west coast of India, a menu (with recipes) for a Swahili dinner. A menu with recipes is included from the Lunatic Line, Kenya’s original railroad. Scandinavian recipes are included, from special evenings at the Karen Blixen Museum, Mbogani, plus menus and recipes from Karen Blixen’s Ngoma Dinner. The cookbook also includes “Know Kenya Course” cookies, the cookies the museum served at its annual training sessions for volunteers. The illustrations, by Natasha Breed, are stunning.

Paper cover cookbook with spiral metal binding. 134 pages. There’s some mild staining on the title page and on the inside of the cover. All other pages are completely clean and clear.