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Jumbles, Hermits, Nine Hundred Successful Recipes

Jumbles, Hermits, Nine Hundred Successful Recipes: Funny names for cookies, or at least names I haven’t heard before. From Nine Hundred Successful Recipes by Lulu Thompson Silvernail. (I love that name!)Jumbles and Hermits, Nine Hundred Successful RecipesNine Hundred Successful Recipes Hermits

The cookbook is here: Nine Hundred Successful Recipes, 1923, by Lulu Thompson Silvernail, domestic science teacher for the Southwestern Milling Company, Inc., Kansas City, Mo. Published by the same company, under the name “S. and H. Cook Book.” Copyright 1923. First edition. Beautifully embossed hard cover, like a fine book of poems, in olive green and gold. 288 pages. Excellent antique condition. Binding is sound. Pages are clean. Cover is nearly perfect.

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