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Vintage Cookbook’s Help, Terms and Policies

Definition of Terms

Because there’s a limit to the number of words I can type, I have to use this shorthand in descriptions.  Here are the details behind the terms:

Cook’s Copy is my own term for a cookbook that a cook has definitely USED!  This vintage cookbook will be CHEAP, because the cover may be damaged, or the pages may have extensive notes, or there may be food stains.  However, the recipes will all be there and will all be useable!

As-if-new means pristine, like you just took the cookbook off the shelf at your local bookstore.

Mint means perfect.

Fine means mint.

Excellent means an item has probably been used, but has no disfiguring holes, chips, cracks, stains, etc. The item may show some normal signs of use, such as rounded corners or a tiny tear or two on the dust jacket.

Very good means that the item has some slight problem or problems, which I’ll usually describe. Sometimes I forget.  If you need to know the exact problem, please ask.

 If you need to know more details about an item’s condition, just ask!  Just send a note to



I would be delighted to send a vintage or antique cookbook to your friend, loved one or business associate.  Of course I can send a card!  If you tell me what to say, I will include a nicely hand written note.

Multiple Copies?

We seldom have multiple copies of the rare, antique cookbooks. I often DO have several copies of many of the general or comprehensive cookbooks, like the Betty Crockers or the Better Homes and Gardens. Please ask if we have two or more of the cookbook that interests you. We’ll be delighted to sell you as many as we can!

 Return Policy

Vintage Cookbook is part of a a very small, two-person business. It operates on a very tight budget. As part of my continuing attempt to keep prices as low as possible, I must stress that I am NOT operating an “on approval” service.

I will refund an item’s purchase price only if it does not match its description on the website, that is, if it NOT the cookbook you ordered, or if it its condition differs substantially from the description.

In the case of a difference of opinion (that is, you think an item is not as described, but we don’t agree,) we will accept your return and provide you with a store credit for the amount of the item. Please notify us and return the item within a reasonable time period.  Please spend your store credit as soon as you find another item you like.  You may spend your store credit at any of our online vintage stores, including and

We do not refund shipping charges.

Shopping Hints

Nearly all of our cookbooks are hardbacks:  Unless a cookbook was first published in paperback only, which has happened relatively recently, we only carry hardback or hard cover cookbooks.

Odor–or an item’s “smell”–is completely subjective, largely because it is invisible. However, if we get a cookbook in that has an odor, we toss it. We don’t sell things that smell “off” or of mildew.  We certainly don’t sell cookbooks that smell of cigarettes!

 International Orders and Shipping Charges

 Vintage Cookbook is delighted to accept orders from anywhere! I ship via the United States Postal Service and charge only postage fees.  I always provide a USPS tracking number; it is listed in your PayPal account.   I do not charge a handling fee.

USPS Priority postage:  The website software automatically adds $8.00 postage to every Unites States order, and $25.00 postage for international orders. However, if you order an exceedingly heavy cookbook, or several cookbooks, I may have to contact you about additional postage. The $25.00 international shipping fee covers only one book.  Shipping several cookbooks internationally is usually $40.00 or more. It can be as high as $75.00.   Rest assured that we charge exact postage only for international orders. We do not add handling charges.


 Payment:  Checks are fine!

The website format seems to force you into making a PayPal payment, I know.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you are allergic to PayPal, you may certainly send a personal check.  Please send me a note, so I hold your cookbook for you.  Make the check out to Cara Chell and mail it to 408 3rd Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913.  I’ll hold the book for you for ten days, then, if your check hasn’t arrived, I’ll put it back into active stock.