Gourmet of the Delta, Mississippi, 1958
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Gourmet of the Delta Forgotten Pie

Gourmet of the Delta Forgotten Pie:  Here’s one great recipe from one of the most famous, most sought-after of the regional recipe books, Gourmet of the Delta, first published in 1958.  It was compiled by St. John’s Woman’s Auxiliary of Leland, Mississippi, and St. Paul’s Auxiliary of Hollandale, Mississippi.  Many of these recipes have very romantic or funny names, like Forget Me Roast, or Golden Glow Salad, or this recipe for Forgotten Pie.

Of course we have the cookbook.  See it here:
Gourmet of the Delta, Mississippi, 1958 Gourmet of the Delta is a famous regional cookbook filled with recipes from the St. John’s Woman’s Auxiliary, Leland, Mississippi, and St. Paul’s Woman’s Auxiliary, Hollandale, Mississippi. It was first published in 1958. This copy is from the fourth printing in 1964 and includes a 79-page supplement with complete index and more recipes. The book has sketches of the two Episcopal churches, as well as other local landmarks. Special occasion menus are included. The entire cookbook contains a full range of recipes, from appetizers to desserts and candies. This cookbook is in excellent vintage condition. The comb binding is in excellent shape (missing only two teeth at the top,) all the pages are here, and with one two-page exception, all the pages are clean. (The exception is a corn souffle recipe with two small brown blotches.)