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Golden Heritage Cookbook: Ham Bing Brandied Cherry Sauce

Golden Heritage Cookbook: Ham Brandied Cherry Sauce:  some fund-raising cookbooks take on a life of their own, sometimes long after their original publication.  One of those cookbooks is The Golden Heritage Cookbook, published on the fiftieth anniversary of the Officers’ Wives’ Club of Fort Benning, Fort Benning, Georgia, 1923-1973.  Pick up this cookbook and you will immediately see why people search high and low for it.  It contains charming line drawings of local buildings and their interiors, well-researched and well-written stories and details from local history.  And then the recipes!

As I’ve said in the description of this cookbook back in our Regional and Ethnic Cookbooks category, the social life at Fort Benning must have been amazing.  Here’s an illustration, from Mrs. Chester I. Christie’s drawings in the Golden Heritage Cookbook:  a couple at a semi-formal social in 1923 and a couple at a semi-formal social in 1973.

vintage cookbook

Golden Heritage Cookbook, 1973, Fort Benning

My evidence for thinking that the social life was amazing?  Many of the appetizer recipes in this cookbook are for 50 people!  But, since I’m writing this in late October and thinking about my Thanksgiving menu (and my extended family that doesn’t like turkey) here’s one great recipe from The Golden Heritage Cookbook:  Ham with Brandied Bing Cherry Sauce.

vintage cookbook

Ham with Brandied Bing Cherry Sauce from Golden Heritage Cookbook, 1973, Fort Benning

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