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Ornamental Confectionary and Practical Assistant to The Art of Baking, 1893, 1905

Art of Baking, 1893, by Herman Hueg. Practical Cake Baker and Confectioner. The actual, entire title of this book is Ornamental Confectionary and Practical Assistant to The Art of Baking in All Its Branches. Hueg divides his work on Cake baking into three parts: “Rubbing,” “Mixing,” and “Beating.” (Hueg’s book is another antique cookbook that makes the reader very, very thankful for food processors, blenders, stick blenders, et al.) See this explanation of the crucial art of “rubbing:”

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Ornamental Confectionary or The Art of Baking, 1905, H. Hueg, Tenth Edition

Hueg was primarily a commercial baker. For example, the last sentence of his Introduction is, ‘Best paying recipes are marked “*”.’ I get a kick out of his suggestions for cutting corners on recipes. See his German Puff Pastries, where he says, “you can leave the yolks, eggs and rum, out of it, it will work just as well.”

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