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Courtbouillon Recipes from Gourmet’s Guide to New Orleans, 1933

Courtbouillon Recipes from Gourmet’s Guide to New Orleans, 1933: New Orleans cooks must have secret ingredients. When you read their recipes, the ingredients don’t sound that special. But when you taste the final product! Amazingly delicious!

Yes, we have the cookbook, a rare first edition, second printing copy. See it here:

Gourmet’s Guide to New Orleans, 1933, 1935 first edition, second printing copy of Gourmet’s Guide to New Orleans by Natalie Scott and Caroline Merrick Jones. Printed by Peerless Printing Co, 307 Chartres St., New Orleans in 1933. Foreword by Dorothy Dix reflects the time period with her references to “old negro mammies.” The enthusiastic Introduction by Scott and Jones lists the restaurants that originated some of their recipes: Antoine’s, Arnaud’s, Galatoire’s, Broussard’s, the Louisiane, the Vieux, Mme. Gaye’s, Tante Rose’s, Mme. Felicie’s, Aunt Melissa’s, the Green Shutter, the Patio Royal, the Court-yard Kitchen, Miss Emily Freret’s, the Cafe Royal, the Courtyard of the Two Sisters, and the Pirates’ Chest. They also discuss the history behind dishes like jambalaya, courtbouillon, bouillabaisse, oysters Rockefeller, and Creole gumbo. Nearly all of the recipes have the name of a New Orleans lady in parenthesis under the name of the dish. A four-page supplement at the end of the book has international recipes contributed by Mrs. Donald G. Rafferty.

This cookbook has a cardboard cover that shows some shelf wear. It has 96 pages, and all of them are clean and clear. The hand sewn binding is firm. The hinges are in good shape. Excellent antique condition.