Cooking 'way down South in Dixie
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Cooking ‘way down South in Dixie, 1949

Cooking ‘way down South in Dixie, 1949:  Here’s one great southern recipe from A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.’s privately published southern cookbook, Cooking ‘way Down South in Dixie.  The recipe is for Hot Milk Sponge Cake, surely a nearly lost recipe.  Cooking 'way down South in Dixie hot milk sponge cake  Of course, we have the cookbook.  See it here:

Cooking ‘way down South in Dixie, compiled and edited by A. Monroe Aurand, Jr. Privately printed by the Aurand Press, Harrisburg, Pa. Copyright 1949. Aurand was a student and documentor of Americana. This softcover booklet preserved almost 200 popular southern recipes. There’s a recipe for Smithfield ham! The blueberry dessert recipe is worth a week’s salary. Many old time pie and cake recipes.  Booklet is 32 pages and is in excellent vintage condition.

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