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Carolina Foods’ Devil’s Food Cake

Carolina Foods’ Devil’s Food Cake:  Here’s one great recipe from historic cookbook Carolina Foods, 1957, complete with its accompanying illustration by world famous silhouette artist Carew Rice.

Carolina Foods' Devil's Food Cake

Of course we have this cookbook. Carolina Foods, compiled by The Women’s Auxiliary of St. Judes Protestant Episcopal Church, Walterboro, South Carolina. First published in 1957. This copy is from the second printing, 1959. Printed by Walker, Evans & Cogswell, Charleston, S.C. Plastic comb binding, 118 pages. Haunting illustrations by world famous silhouette artist Carew Rice. (The original Carew Rice, of course, not his grandson.) (See  You can see it here:

The women who compiled Carolina Foods must have had wonderfully historic perspectives on the world. They included recipes for dishes that they knew were no longer cooked, but that were representative of Low Country style or history, recipes such as Rice Birds (which you can find in our Recipes section) or a 100-year-old (in 1957) Creole Gumbo recipe. They also included recipes with names like “Sad Pound Cake” and “High Hampton Sunny Silver Pie,” specifically Southern recipes like Hoppin’ John and Hominy, and some delightfully non-food recipes that are just fun, like Multi-Colored Flames from Chemically Treated Pine Cones. Three recipes for Scuppernong Wine!  SOLD

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