Bohemian-Ameriican Cook Book, 1947
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Bohemian-American Kale Recipes

Bohemian-American Kale Recipes: Here are some kale recipes, first published in 1925, in the Bohemian-American Cook Book by Marie Rosicky. Since Kale is so trendy right now, I thought you might want to see how people used to cook it!

Bohemian-American Cook Book, 1915

Bohemian-American Cook Book, 1915

You can see a reprint of this cookbook, here:

Bohemian-American Cook Book, by Marie Rosicky. Copyrighted by Rose Rosicky. This is the fifth edition of this cookbook, printed and published by the Automatic Printing Co., Omaha, Nebraska. The publication date is listed as 1949, but this must be a contemporary copy, because it is obviously brand new, with a plastic comb binding. I’ve had hard cover copies of the second edition of the Bohemian-American Cook Book, published in 1925 by the National Printing Co., Omaha, Nebraska. I can tell you this as-if-new copy is a reproduction of the original, with all the great recipes, with both their English and Czech titles. 290 pages plus index. Here are recipes you will find nowhere else like Soup with Calf’s Brain Quenelles and Roast Pickled Fillet of Veal. Again, as-if-new condition!

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