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Beloit Cook Book, 1914

Beloit Cook Book: Here are two recipes from the Beloit Cook Book, published by the Beloit Federation of Women, Beloit, Wisconsin. One is interesting because of its name–“Indians” for what sound to me like Brownies. The other one caught my eye because I’ve never heard of a vegetable called “Salsify.” And I live in the same state as the Beloit ladies, so it must grow around here. Beloit Cook Book IndiansBeloit Cook Book Salsify

Beloit Cook Book, 1914. First Edition, First Printing: This cookbook has been revised many times and reprinted many, many times. It is very difficult find a true first edition–but here ite is! Cookbook compiled by the Beloit Federation of Women, Beloit, Wisconsin. The compilation is of recipes furnished by the women of Beloit. Introduction says that it is dedicated to “Beautiful Beloit.” The introduction is accompanied by a picture of Beloit’s first municipal Christmas Tree, 1913. Published by the Daily News Publishing Company, also of Beloit. Hard cover book with 264 pages, including many pages of great local advertising. Book is in excellent vintage condition. Cover has minor shelf wear, corners are bumped. Hinges are perfect. Binding is sound. Pages are clear and clean.

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