Art of Cuisine Toulouse-Lautrec First Edition
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Bearnaise Soup Recipe from Art of Cuisine Toulouse-Lautrec

Bearnaise Soup Recipe from Art of Cuisine Toulouse-Lautrec. One great recipe from an unusually artistic cookbook:

Bearnaise Soup from Art of Cuisine

Bearnaise Soup from Art of Cuisine

Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here: Art of Cuisine Toulouse-Lautrec

rt of Cuisine Toulouse-Lautrec First Edition: The Art of Cuisine is a collection of recipes that Toulouse-Lautrec invented and recipes that he gathered from his acquaintances. It is illustrated with menus that Lautrec designed and decorated, as well as other appropriate Lautrec paintings and drawings. Hard cover book with text by Maurice Joyant, a childhood friend of Lautrec, and with culinary notes by Barbara Kafka. First published in French in Switzerland in 1966 under the title L’Art de la Cuisine. This copy from the edition published by Crown Publishers, Inc., in 1966. 164 pages plus index. Tipped in copy of Edouard Vuillard’s portrait of Toulouse-Lautrec as the frontispiece. Dust jacket in as-if-new condition. Book in as-if-new condition! All of the heavy, cotton paper pages are clean and clear. Definitely gift quality!

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