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Bayou Cook Book’s Recipe for Turtle

Bayou Cook Book’s Recipe for Turtle: Since you won’t find a turtle recipe just anywhere, here’s one great turtle recipe from the Bayou Cook Book, 1967, 1976.

Bayou Cook Book's Recipe for Turtle

Bayou Cook Book Turtle

This is a rare cookbook, very difficult to find. But has a copy! You can see it here: Bayou Cook Book

Bayou Cook Book: Creole Cooking from the Plantation Country and New Orleans. Difficult-to-find cookbook by Thomas J. Holmes, Jr. With a new section by Lucile Barbour Holmes. Lettering and sketches by the author. Edited by Joan W. Holmes. Self-published by Boyou Books, Franklin, Louisiana. This book was a family affair! First copyrighted in 1967, this edition was copyrighted in 1976. It is from the fourth edition, eighth printing, 1981. Paper back with plastic comb binding. 185 pages. This copy in excellent vintage condition. Some shelf wear. All pages clean and clear.

This rare cookbook is especially good on family-style Creole cooking. And oysters!

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