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Asparagus Omelet from 365 Luncheon Dishes, 1902

Asparagus Omelet from 365 Luncheon Dishes, 1902:

Asparagus Omelet from 365 Luncheon Dishes, 1902

Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here:

365 Luncheon Dishes, 1902. Rare Cookbook in Excellent Antique Condition! Extremely difficult to find cookbook (this is the only copy available on the internet to my knowledge) in excellent antique condition. First edition, first printing! 365 Luncheon Dishes has the subtitle “A Luncheon Dish for every day in the year.” The title page says the recipes were “Selected from Marion Harland, Christine Terhune Herrick, Boston Cooking School Magazine, Table Talk, Good Housekeeping, and Others.” No author or compiler is given. The cookbook was published by George W. Jacobs & Co, Publishers, in September, 1902.

This cookbook’s hard boards cover is not covered with fabric, but it does have fabric exterior spine cover and hinges or joints, with a pasted-on paper with the printed title. The front of the cover has a pasted-on paper with the book title and an irresistible picture of a chef twirling his mustache. The cookbook has 151 pages, every one with a border of kitchen implements or dishes printed in orange. As I hope you can see from the images, the cookbook is in excellent antique condition. The pages are uniformly tanned at the edges. Every page is clean and clear. The interior hinges are perfect. The binding is solid. Wonderful gift for your friend or yourself!

Does anyone know what the lobster over the ribbon on the cover is? Or what it means?