Antique Recipes

America’s Cook Book International Dumplings

America’s Cook Book, compiled by the New York Herald Tribune Home Institute, is a treasury of ethnic recipes. Here are just two of the many dumpling recipes that had there origins around the world: Norwegian Dumplings and Alsatian Dumplings.

And, just for the fun of the name, here’s the recipe for Blackberry Flummery.

Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here:

America’s Cook Book: Compiled by the Home Institute of the New York Herald Tribune. First published in 1937 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, this copy is from the new and revised edition, published in 1946. A comprehensive cookbook, by virtue of publishing recipes contributed by its readers, the New York Herald Tribune provided one of the finest sources of ethnic recipes you could possibly find. For example, there are about ten different dumpling recipes, each having its origin in a different part of the world. (See Vintage Cookbook’s recipe blog for two of those dumpling recipes.) Hard cover, with linen-covered boards, this cookbook has 1006 pages. The cover of this book has quite a lot of shelf wear, with the linen worn from the edges of the boards. Binding is sound. Pages are all clean and clear.