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200 Years Charleston Cooking: Pumpkin Chips and Sweet Potato Pone

200 Years Charleston Cooking: Pumpkin Chips:  There are many, many reasons that 200 Years of Charleston Cooking is one of my all-time favorite antique cookbooks.  Here’s one of those reasons:  this historic  cookbook has recipes for dishes that I’ve never heard of!  And those recipes use everyday, easily-available-in-the-United-States ingredients.  Have you heard of Pumpkin Chips? Here’s the recipe:  200 Years Charleston Cooking: Pumpkin Chips

And here’s another recipe, for Sweet Potato Pone.  (I must admit, I had to look up “pone.”  Pone is a baked or fried bread, often oval.)  200 Years Charleston Cooking: Sweet Potato Pone  The sweet potato recipes in this cookbook are amazing!!

Of course we have a copy of 200 Years of Charleston Cooking.  See it here:


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