1903 Good Housekeeping Everyday Cook Book
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1903 Good Housekeeping’s Chocolate Hearts Recipe

1903 Good Housekeeping’s Chocolate Hearts: Here’s one great recipe from the 1903 Good Housekeeping Everyday Cook Book: Chocolate Hearts. Can you imagine trying to cook when you have to have the oven “not as cool as for meringues, not quite so hot as for sponge cake.”

Good Housekeeping's Chocolate Hearts

Good Housekeeping’s Chocolate Hearts

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Good Housekeeping Everyday Cook Book: 1903 paperback first edition of Good Housekeeping’s very first cookbook! Subtitled A Combined Memorandum Cook Book and Scrap Book with recipes arranged by Isabel Gordon Curtis, associate editor of Good Housekeeping. Published by The Phelps Publishing Company, Springfield, Mass. A tall, narrow cookbook with 320 pages. Every other page in the cookbook is a blank one, labeled Memoranda. Several pages of photographs at the front of the book. See Vintage Cookbook’s Recipes section for one great recipe from this historic cookbook, a recipe for Chocolate Hearts.

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